Don’t Change Font Families at Random

It is tempting, once you know how to change the font of your text, to change it all the time. There is no minimum or maximum number of fonts that look good on a Web page, but the more fonts you have the more confusing and ugly your page will look.

I recommend finding one font for your headlines and at most one other for your body text. Yes, that’s two fonts. Remember that if you have any ads on your pages, you instantly have a new place where fonts will be. And you won’t have control over those. So if you stick with the minimum number of fonts you need for your content, your site will be better off.

Don’t Change Font Sizes (and line-spacing) at Random

Font sizes and spacing around them should stay consistent on the page. Some rules of thumb for the size and spacing of your typography:

Larger fonts attach more importance. Even if you don’t have them surrounded in <h1> tags, browsers and your readers will assume a 30px text block is more important than the 10px one next to it.

Smaller fonts attach less importance. It might seem obvious, but the smaller the text is the more likely it will be overlooked or ignored.

Text that is too close or too far away from the surrounding text is hard to read. In other words, don’t set your line-spacing more than 200% or less than 75% of the current font size.

Stay Consistent in Font Usage Across the Whole Site

In other words, use CSS, in particular, external style sheets. And use CSS on general HTML tags rather than giving everything a class or ID.

In other words, assign standard fonts, font sizes, and line-heights to basic HTML tags like:


<h1> – <h6>

Avoid Smart Quotes – Use Special Characters Instead

I’m not suggesting that you avoid curly quotes. But you should be aware that when you receive copy from Word chances are it has characters, like smart quotes, that many browsers can’t display. If you simply copy and paste that content into your editor, it will still look fine to you. But when it gets up on the website it can end up with strange characters where you least expect them.

If you get into the habit of searching out the quotation marks and converting them to curly quote special characters, you’ll have a better looking site. There are lots of little details you can adjust with special characters to help improve your site’s typography.

Standard Fonts are Standard for a Reason

One of my favorite fonts is Charlemagne Std. But even though I love the look of this font, I would never rely on it as the only font in a font stack for my website. Why? Because it’s not a standard or common font on Windows or Macintosh.

You don’t have to limit yourself to the common fonts, but if you’re using them in CSS, you should always have at least one of the common fonts in your stack so that your pages don’t end up in some strange unexpected font. Arial may be boring, but at least you know that your site won’t be in Comic Sans if you specify it in your list.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Serifs with Sans-Serifs

With the size and resolution of monitors these days, it doesn’t really matter whether you use serif or sans-serif fonts for your body text. But don’t switch between them, especially within one paragraph or sentence.

In fact, many sites use a mixture of serif and sans-serif fonts for headlines and body text. Serif fonts for headlines and sans-serif for body text can provide good contrast between the two.

Be Aware that Readers Can Easily Change the Font Size

Most Web browsers make it very easy to change the font size of Web pages. In Firefox, it’s just a keyboard click (Alt-+ and Alt– to increase and decrease sizes). So even if you test your entire site using 10px as your standard body text font size, you should then look at it again in 12px or even 20px. What does changing the font size do to the rest of the design?

Think of Your Typography as a Hierarchy

When you’re assigning your fonts, sizes, and colors to your text, the more hierarchical you are the more effective your pages will be. By using a hierarchy of typography, you make it easier for your readers to find exactly what they are looking for on the page.

Spare Some Time for Web Typography

The number 1 mistake you can make in Web typography is to ignore it. It is certainly possible to spend hours working on typography, but while hours aren’t usually necessary, you should commit some of your design time to it. By just looking at a few simple things, you can make a better website.

More and more businesses are realizing that using SMS as a marketing strategy can pay off handsomely. By using messages delivered in this mobile atmosphere, you can build brand loyalty and reward your customers as well. Making use of various short-codes will help you build your marketing list and ensure the success of your business as well.

A short-code is a short and memorable string of numbers that people can use to access some type of offer from your company. Mobile SMS gateway solutions from txtnation have developed a reliable platform for businesses seeking cutting edge mobile billing and SMS systems. For example, you can offer a virtual coupon via your customer’s mobile network when they send a text using a particular short-code. You will then be able to have access to your customer’s mobile phone numbers. This allows you to invite people to take advantage of sales offers and other types of marketing techniques.

The use of short-codes is complemented by the use of keywords. Simply informing people that they need to send a text to a particular short-code is only part of equation. Adding in the keyword, such as Offers or Coupons, is also necessary for the communication cycle to be complete.

You can choose to have a dedicated short-code that is exclusively for your company to use. Or you can choose to share a short-code with other companies and register a keyword on that particular short-code. While having your own dedicated number of this type is a very attractive option, most companies find that sharing short-codes and having their own unique keyword attached to it is much less expensive. This is particularly true if your company is small or a start-up venture.

There are typically three types of messages that you can deliver to your customers. With free SMS messages, you will pay the cost of each message you send. When the standard rate is charged, the customer pays for the texts received. Premium rates are charged to the customer in some other cases. In order to determine if the set up and maintenance fees for such rates are a prudent economic move for your company, you should ensure that you have researched the concept in a thorough manner.

Document printing is a creative business. Sure, there is a lot of money making involved in document printing, but when you’re uploading your documents for printing on an printing site you’re allowed to be a little creative with your printing preferences. When it’s time to choose your binding, you can choose from perfect binding (gluing together), spiral binding, three ring binding, or saddle stitching. When it’s time to decide whether you’d like your document printed in colour or in black and white, you may have difficulty deciding, especially when price isn’t a problem, but there are a plethora of companies offering a printing service for SME’s, inline with current competitors and robust pricing.

There are many benefits to printing both, in colour and black and white.

Printing in color allows you to emphasize graphs, images, logos, photos, and even add color to an otherwise dull sales letter or all text report (colored headings add splashes). Color printing makes professional reports, prospectuses, portfolios, brochures, and sales letters bright, interesting, and eye catching.

Printing in black and white is an option you’d choose when printing resumes, informative letters (from schools, non-profits, etc…), manuscripts, church pamphlets, etc. Black and white is the better printing choice for these because adding color would only be a distraction, and many publishing companies prefer that their submissions are in black and white only (for those printing their manuscripts to send a hardcopy).

Online document based printing through companies like DoxDirect allows people to be creative on a budget, but still get high quality printed copy delivered right to their premises.

Its not just printing that can be looked at in saving costs. Avera are also teaming up with a free seo company – offering a limited time offer of a complimentary link building campaign for SME’s.

Mirror use for good Feng shui: Antique Mirror Glass

Mirrors have been a source of fascination for a long time. Many movies, books, television shows and magazines have been about mirrors. We all the story of Snow White and the wicked witch’s use of the magic mirror to tell her ‘Who is the fairest of them all?’, Lewis Carrol’s Through the Looking Glass, the second story of Alice in Wonderland and the movie adaptations such as Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland (2009). All of these works have used mirrors as their main theme.

In the homes of everyday people, mirrors are also used to dimension in a house or to balance out the Feng shui. For centuries, Asian civilisations have used Feng shui to encourage positive energies and thus maintain a happy life. Mirrors attract the Feng shui element of water due to the process of their creation to bring peace and refreshment into a home. There are also positions that a mirror can be placed in a home to focus on health and family (south), wealth and abundance (south-east) and career and path in life (north)

Feng shui is therefore important in your home but where do we find a mirror that doesn’t look the same as every other mirror that every other person has in their home? Websites such as sell mirrors that are made from antique mirror glass in four different styles and a range of colours.

Many companies hand craft each mirror to the individual’s needs and they also provide their customers with samples if they feel the need to view the mirror against their existing décor to determine how it will fit into their home.

The glass can be safety-backed or toughened. Toughened glass provides more protection against breakages which is beneficial especially if you have a young family that loves to run up and down the house all day. There are also different shapes of mirrors for you to choose from including oval, round or square known as your typical mirror, convex and concave mirrors each with their own meanings in Feng shui.